Spinner of Secrets Update Nine and Cover Reveal Party!

Hey people! I’m late again, but that’s because I was out all day Monday… and all day Tuesday… And now it’s Wednesday and I’m finally sitting down to do this post.

It’s time to reveal the final cover for Spinner of Secrets! I’ll be hosting a Facebook party on Sunday, April 9th. The event runs from 10am to 8pm (EDT, which means Eastern Daylight Time. Yes, I had to look it up) and there will be a couple giveaways during the day, plus another at the end of the whole party.

Hop on over to my Facebook page, give me a thumbs up if you want, and mark that you’re attending the event so that you’ll get notifications!


Here’s the link for the event:

Facebook Cover Reveal Event

(Facebook is not affiliated or associated with this event. Hosted by Annie Louise Twitchell on Facebook.)

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