Character Interview with Sam Bridge

This was supposed to be posted on Monday but I was sick over the weekend, which completely threw off all my mental schedules. 

Today I’m interviewing one of my friend Sam’s characters. I actually got to beta read her WIP, Moon Angel, that Selene is from. I really loved it and am looking forward to when it’s available. 


Hello, my name is Selene. I am 19-years-old and have spent the last year, trying to find my feet, after having recently left home and gone off to explore the world on my own. I love the outdoors and the night sky, and would classify myself as an introvert.
ALT: What is your full name?
SC: Selene Carter

ALT: When were you born?
SC: September 15th in the Spring. (Southern Hemisphere). Laji (Elviran Moon cycle).

ALT: What was/is your relationship with your father? With your mother?
SC: I never really knew my birth mother and father as I was separated from them at a young age. My adoptive father was wonderful and my relationship with him was good, but something happened about a year ago and we stopped talking.

ALT: Siblings?
SC: I was an only child, so no siblings. My adoptive father didn’t have any other kids either.  

ALT: Did you graduate high school? College? Beyond?
SC: I was homeschooled, so never went to high school. I guess I would have liked to go to college and study, but my adoptive father wanted me to go into the family business.

ALT: What do you most value in your friends?
SC: Being able to be myself around them. They’re the ones who know everything about me and I can relax when I am around them. I love the way they help me to think on the happy times, and not dwell on the bad.

ALT: What do you do for a living?
SC: I am unemployed currently, but am looking for work. I used to work in the intelligence sector, but had a disagreement with some of the management and had to leave quickly.

ALT: What’s your strongest sense? Sight, hearing, smelling, etc?
SC: My strongest sense is my sight, I’d say. I can see in the dark pretty well too.

ALT: What do you wish your special talent was?
SC: If we were talking about super powers? I think the ability to read minds would be useful. Being able to know what people are thinking would make life a lot easier.

ALT: What are you most proud of in your life?
SC: I walked away from a toxic situation in my life. I knew it was the right thing to do and I am proud of myself for having the courage to do it. I don’t know how my life would look right now if I had stayed where I was.

ALT: What are you most afraid of?
SC: That the mistakes I’ve made in the past will catch up with me and hurt those I love.

ALT: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Why?
SC: I irreparably hurt a lot of people because the other people in my life made me think I was doing the right thing.

ALT: What are you like when you stay awake all night?
SC: I’m quite a night owl actually. Most of the time, staying up in the night air actually refreshes me and gives me more energy the next day.

ALT: What type of clothing are you most comfortable with?
SC: A comfortable t-shirt and pair of loose pants or shorts are fine. I am not too fussy when it comes to clothes, although I love hoodies! And sneakers. And if it’s in black, then that’s even better.

ALT: What are your hobbies and interests?
SC: I like to exercise. I’m a bit of an exercise junkie really. I love swimming. I find the motion of it very therapeutic and relaxing. I really love to travel too. I also like to fly.

ALT: Fly? Like in an airplane?
SC: Yeah… let’s go with that.

ALT: Biggest trauma?
SC: When I was sixteen, I lost my one of my best friends in a bombing. I was almost killed myself and it took a long time to recover from.

ALT: How do you react in stressful situations?
SC: I’m normally very calm and rational. If it was fight or flight response, I think I’m usually a fighter.

ALT: Best way to cheer you up?
SC: Time with my close friends. Blankets and hugs always work too. When my best friend and I used to live close to each other, we would do girly stuff like painting nails or just watch a movie together to cheer each other up.

ALT: When and where were you happiest?
SC: In a forest somewhere, lying under a big tree, or even better- in the tree, especially at night. I find forests to be very tranquil places and they allow me to think.

ALT: Where would you most like to live?
SC: Ideally, I would love to live in the country somewhere. Somewhere quiet and not too busy, but not too far away from the city either.

ALT: What parts of loving come easily to you? What comes hard?  
SC: Really loving someone doesn’t happen too often for me. I find it hard to trust others, as I have been hurt many times, and with that comes sharing parts of myself with others. I am a good listener and I think other people find it easy to open up with me, but I find it hard to return the favour. I still try to see the good in people, however. 

All characters owned by their respective authors.  

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