Annie Louise Twitchell

She is an oak tree,
standing firm when others
are tossed in the storms.

She is a thunderstorm,
sharp and biting when she needs,
but bringing a rainbow after.

She is the summer night sky,
deep and velvet and unfathomable
but brilliant with starlight.

Most important,

Oak trees are a very particular sort of beastie. Oak trees have a tap root – a long, thick, central root that goes quite deep. This anchors them down. I don’t know how it continues to develop as the tree matures, but when I was little and weeding oak sprouts out of my flower bed (thank you ever so much, Jeremiah Gray Squirrel), the bottom part of the oak sprout, the tap root, was as long or longer than the top part with leaves and bark and stuff. It was so fascinating!

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Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

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