Spinner of Secrets, Update Nine

So, I got my proof copy in the mail on Saturday.

 Saturday, April 15th:

Excited? Maybe a tiny little bit.
I TOTALLY did not shriek loudly half a dozen times today.
Also I broke the rules and shrieked in the library. (It was just me and my librarian, Julia, who was excited too, so it was okay. At least, she didn’t tell me to SHHHHH.)

I ran away this morning to go write at the library for two reasons: one, because the current story I’m working on works much better if I hand write first and then type in into the computer, and two, because today was Saturday; that meant it was the last chance for my proof copy of my book to come in the mail before Monday. I could handle waiting until Monday, but waiting to see if I needed to wait until Monday, that was hard. So I went to the library and wrote for an hour or so, then walked home again, checked the mailbox, got my book, ran upstairs to show Hannah, then went back down to the library to show Julia, because I was too excited to sit still.
I proceeded to continue being very excited up until this point, at which it is 8:00pm and I am finally starting to settle down and I am going to go watch a movie.
But people.
I have a book.
I have a real, honest to God, print copy of my book.
*distant shrieking*

It’s been four days and I feel like it’s been eight weeks, it’s been so much happening in such a short period of time.

And of course, Elli needed to be in the picture.

It’s spring, have a happy rabbit. I need some tea.


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