The Cat Dragon’s Archives: Volume One


From the Archives of the Bookish Cat Dragon, explore three fairy tale inspired short stories.


Wake The Moon: Demons laugh, light fades, and Jesse must battle his own darkness to wake the sleeping girl in this short story inspired by the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Originally published in the Tales of Ever After Anthology from Fellowship of Fantasy.


The Witch of Belle Isle: A war between brothers. An apple between friends. Trapped in the prison camp on Belle Isle, Henry longs for freedom–and instead finds a girl named Faith. How far would you go to save your enemy? And how far would you go to save your friend? This short story is a Snow White inspired historical fantasy.


Molly Storm: A witch, a pirate, a lighthouse, and… seaweed? “You and I, lass, we’re both sides of the same coin. We’re both the heart of the ocean, but you’re more the kindness and goodness. I’m the storms that crush ships. Don’t cross me, Molly. I’ll crush all the sweetness out of you.” Molly Storm is a short story inspired by the tale of Rapunzel.

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