Spinner of Secrets


Where will the journey for love take you? Will it be worth the fight?

Letta is a peasant girl, whose father was outlawed and killed when she was small. Though her name means truthful one, she finds herself submitting to her step-father’s will, and complying with his lies and trickery.

Prince Kyle is her reluctant husband. His mind is focused on one thing: avenging the murder of his childhood sweetheart.

They must learn to trust each other when a strange little man forces them to fight for what is important to them, in a desperate race to save their child’s life.

In this retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, Annie Louise Twitchell weaves an enchanting tale of love, longing, and thread.


Lauren says: “Wow! That’s an amazing retelling of that story. It’s one that doesn’t get retold very often and I think you did it beautifully.”

Keturah says: “Loved it soooooo much!!!”

Sam says: “I loved it! Have to admit there was a part where I almost cried.”


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