Spinner of Secrets Cover!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here it is, the cover for Spinner of Secrets!

Where will the journey for love take you? Will it be worth the fight?
 Letta is a peasant girl, whose father was outlawed and killed when she was small. Though her name means truthful one, she finds herself submitting to her step-father’s will, and complying with his lies and trickery.
 Prince Kyle is her reluctant husband. His mind is focused on one thing: avenging the murder of his childhood sweetheart.
 They must learn to trust each other when a strange little man forces them to fight for what is important to them, in a desperate race to save their child’s life.

So, what happens next? 
Well, I will be assembling a book launch team to help me spread the word about my book over the next two months. My release date is June 13th, 2017. If you’re interested, please let me know, either in an email to writer.annie.t @ gmail.com, or in a comment here, or in a message on my Facebook page.
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Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have to go shriek into my pillow.
Copyright 2017 by Annie Louise Twitchell

Spinner of Secrets Update Nine and Cover Reveal Party!

Hey people! I’m late again, but that’s because I was out all day Monday… and all day Tuesday… And now it’s Wednesday and I’m finally sitting down to do this post.

It’s time to reveal the final cover for Spinner of Secrets! I’ll be hosting a Facebook party on Sunday, April 9th. The event runs from 10am to 8pm (EDT, which means Eastern Daylight Time. Yes, I had to look it up) and there will be a couple giveaways during the day, plus another at the end of the whole party.

Hop on over to my Facebook page, give me a thumbs up if you want, and mark that you’re attending the event so that you’ll get notifications!


Here’s the link for the event:

Facebook Cover Reveal Event

(Facebook is not affiliated or associated with this event. Hosted by Annie Louise Twitchell on Facebook.)

Spinner of Secrets, Update Eight

Real quick update today, I’m super busy, but here’s my weekly post!


I have a new tablet, the first piece of tech I’ve bought brand new, and I managed to get my stuff to sync properly so I have my stuff like I had before. It will be a little interesting adjusting to the new keyboard, but I’ll have it figured out soon.

Mom and I went to a book sale this weekend, and I ordered some books online. I wound up with a big bag of books, three VHS movies, two DVD movies, an audiobook, two particular books I really wanted that I ordered on Ebay, and four Indie ebooks from Amazon.

Spinner of Secrets, Update Seven


*heavy breathing*

Spinner of Secrets is ready for the next steps. Professional proofreading, then back to me for formatting, and my friend Hannah has offered to help with the cover design.

It was so hard getting here.

I had to learn to let go of so much. My insecurities, my feelings of inadequacy, my pride, my disbelief in myself. I desperately wanted to get this story published and to do that, I had to learn to be brave.

I shared a poem several weeks back, called Jump.


It was so important for me. I had to learn to stand on my own two feet and I had to learn to decide, this is good.

Not good enough.

Not just okay.

Not that will do.


I don’t really care if other people don’t think it’s good. I didn’t write this one for other people. I wrote it for me. I wrote it to tell a story and in telling the story, I learned my own.

And while I want this story to connect with other people and for other people to enjoy it as much as I do, I’m not sure if that’s the most important thing for this book. There will be other books. It’s inevitable. I’m as likely to stop telling stories as I am to stop liking rainy days and good books. But this book, this journey, has been about me growing up, about me learning myself, about me connecting with myself.

But there is this aching
inside me, right behind my ribs, just below my heart,
that begs me to go and jump off a cliff and
never mind whether people accept me or not.
Never mind whether they like me or not.

Never mind them at all.
(Ache, unpublished)

So in a way, yes, I am very selfish and jealous about this book. And in another way, I’m not. It’s grown up just like me. And I’m learning to let it fly on its own. It may crash, it may fall. That’s okay. Things do that. 
I learned to ride my bicycle without training wheels, when I was about six. We were at my friend’s house, riding our bikes around in front of the log house and the mobile home. My bike was small, pink, and very girly. I loved it. It looked a lot like this one: 
My best friend and his brother decided it was high time I was a big girl. I was happily riding around and they called me to a halt in front of the front steps, dashed inside, came out with a couple of wrenches, and took my training wheels off. Looking back, I can see how it would be comical to have a six year old and an eight year old, expertly wielding wrenches and taking things apart, but at the time I was just a bit concerned. I was afraid I’d fall down without my training wheels, but they said I needed to try it. 
So I tried it. I probably fell down, but I don’t remember it. And I didn’t fall down much. The glorious crashes I’ve had came much later. 
The interesting thing is that I wasn’t upset with them, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t even especially scared. I was nervous. I really wanted to get it right and ride my bike without the training wheels. I wanted to make my friend proud of me. I wasn’t afraid of getting bullied or teased if I failed, not from him anyway. Maybe from his brother. While I knew I could have Daddy put the wheels on again when I got home, I didn’t really want him to. For one thing, I thought that the boys would take them off again next time I was up there, and they probably would have. For another, I didn’t really want them on again. I wanted to do it myself. I might fall down, I might crash. But that was okay. I didn’t care. Skinned knees were nothing compared to the feeling of wobbling around the driveway on my own, without anyone holding me up. 
While I’m not a risk-taker, necessarily, I have always liking surprising people, surprising myself, and trying new things. I didn’t bat an eyelash at jumping off the cliff when I was five – the cliff being a sand hill, the jump being two feet before you touched down again and just slid down the hill. Climbing trees only failed because I wasn’t coordinated to keep my balance very well. Airsoft, letting the boys throw me into the pond, sword-fighting and getting good enough to beat my brothers and my best friend… I loved it. I loved seeing what I could do. Testing limits. Where I could go. How much could I do. What sort of thing happened if I tried it a little differently. The absolute best way to get me to do something was to tell me I couldn’t. (Or tell me to get out of the way and let the boys handle it.)
Somewhere along the way, I got scared of that. I got scared of this desire in myself to try something new. 
And now I’m getting it back again. 
I’ve got a few cliffs to jump off, I think.
Spinner of Secrets is approximately 23,800 words – 3,000 or more added since I began this last set of edits. 
And look! My friend Kirsi made pretty art for me! 
Copyright 2017 by Annie Louise Twitchell
Artwork by Kirsi Grace
Forest photo by Annie Louise Twitchell
Bicycle photo by Unknown

Spinner of Secrets Update Six

This past month has been so busy for Spinner of Secrets! First off, here’s the newest and my favorite cover image: 
Thanks to my amazing friend Hannah for giving me some photography pointers and tips for design! I don’t know if this is the cover that will be on the book or not, because of complicated stuff with CreateSpace and graphic design and so on and so forth, and yeah, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to be much more vague than that. 
Would you like me to come back and explain when I can be a little more ambiguous? 

Also, *drum roll* on Thursday last week, I finally asked in the Facebook group of writers that I’m in for some beta readers! I ended up with five fantastic readers and have gotten a complete set of notes and editorial comments back from one of them already!

I’m super excited! I’m really busy with editing and behind the scenes stuff, and I’m super excited with how well this is progressing. Also, peach salsa, is really amazing. We made four pints on Saturday and one of them is basically gone already so we’re making more this afternoon. 
Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

Spinner of Secrets, Update Five (And Other Stuff)

Okay, so I really love back to school sales. Know why?
*reduced prices*
On stuff like, my favorite pens (very colorful, I love colorful) and notebooks and paper and portfolio folders and erasers and colored pencils (okay so I mostly use those for drawing and not writing) and sparkly paper clips and…
Yeah. Anyway.
On your left.

So on the left is the portfolio folder I have been lugging SoS around in for the past nine months. It had seen about four different drafts. It also housed paper for making origami butterflies because my fingers get fidgety sometimes and I need something to do so I make butterflies or doodle or something like that. It’s been drowned, lost, carted all over the state of Maine in a faded blue and white tote bag along with pens, pencils, a pocket knife (thank you, Tom Sawyer), and the occasional rock collecting finds. 
It was getting kind of old. So today I transferred everything over to a lovely new one. It’s purple! (On the right, which by process of elimination should be fairly obvious.)
So in my writing bag, I have the following:
  • Spinner of Secrets in a portfolio folder
  • about two dozen pens
  • a couple regular pencils
  • 15 colored pencils
  • 10 colored markers
  • a Sharpie
  • two highlighters
  • paper clips and binder clips (shiny colorful metallic ones)
  • a spiral bound notebook containing editing notes and comments for a gal who’s book I’m beta reading
  • Two of Angie Brashear’s books that I’m reading and reviewing
  • a clipboard with notes and paper and also my exercise record chart
  • a small coloring book
  • a cute little pen knife
  • an eraser
  • half a dozen colorful stones 
  • my cell phone
  • a lollipop wrapper

I took it to the beach last week and my mom’s friend made the observation that it was as heavy as hers, which was twice as big – mine is full of books. Hers was not. Books make things heavier. 
Also, I have a new filing cabinet! So now I can actually file things neatly and properly and be able to get at them when I need them and not have to worry about my cat sleeping on them and leaving cat hair all over them (she’s shedding) or my rabbit eating them.

At a family event last week my uncle asked how the book was doing, and the universe and my brain were aligned properly so that I was able to glance in the faded blue and white tote bag slung over my shoulder, look at him, grin, and announce that it was behaving itself.

This was quite a masterpiece because although I can be very entertaining, it works best in the written word instead of spoken, because I entertain myself so much that I can almost never deliver it properly. I start laughing in the middle and sometimes I can’t even finish saying it. So I was really pleased with myself for being able to deliver that line without busting up laughing and ruining it.

Oh yeah, and on Thursday (while I had a head cold, no less) I figured out how to set it up so you can subscribe by email and some other formatting stuff. I have been trying got figure that out off and on for the past six months. Obviously I need to do technical work, when I’m sick.

Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell