Two Souls Made One

Two Souls Made One
Annie Louise Twitchell

The first time I looked
into your eyes
I looked down to the
bottom of your soul
where your darkest
secrets and fears
slept, barely hidden
under a veil of tears.
I wanted to reach
into you
and pull the feeble shining
light of your heart
out of the darkness
and take you away
from the monsters
inside you,
but I was afraid.
Afraid to let you
see my monsters
and demons,
afraid I would hurt you.

I’m still afraid.

I want nothing more
than to be with you, and
together chase our demons
together make our lives
a little brighter,
a little sweeter.
I crave your touch
as you slip your
hand into mine,
the look on your face
as you tilt your head
towards me.
I need to hear your
breathing at night
when I wake up
from a nightmare
and know that you
are with me,
that we are not alone

I cannot offer you
diamonds and gold,
a palace,
the world,
but I can offer you
a friend.
I can offer you
a companion
who will listen,
who will care for you,
who understands the nightmares
and the demons,
who isn’t afraid to share grief
as well as love.
I can offer you my heart,
weak and broken as it is,
and maybe between the two of us,
we can become one whole being.
The demons will flee before us,
the darkness will have no power
over the light we have been given,
and we won’t have to be afraid anymore.

This was another one of those, sit down and start typing without looking at the screen to read the words.

I wrote it and then I didn’t show anyone for weeks or maybe months because every time I read it, I got this dull ache somewhere inside and I didn’t know why and I didn’t want to make anyone else ache or be sad or anything like that. (I really didn’t like making people sad, but I kind of keep doing it, at least now I don’t have a panic attack when it happens.)

It took a long time (over a year, I believe) for this one to be ready to be shared but it is now  – or maybe I am finally ready to share it, However that works. Anyway, enjoy!

Also, I got my typewrite fixed! New ink ribbons and a rubber band and it’s working nicely now.

Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

Love Lines, Part Three

Armee and James are probably one of my favorite character couples. They’re from Tattoos and Tiaras, a work in project that I’m in the research and development stage of. I have a few people who have been helping me out with character development and they, um, think James is pretty great and Armee is a sweetie. And I’m under orders to share the story as soon as possible please and thank you. So I guess I have beta readers for Tattoos and Tiaras. Now I just have to finish the first draft or something, you know, so there’s something to read. 

So here’s the quote that you gals wanted. ^^

Oh yeah, and happy Fourth!

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Quote credit to Annie Louise Twitchell
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Their Hands

Their Hands
Annie Louise Twitchell
The dirt crumbles
through her thin pale fingers
staining them
a warm comforting brown
as she covers over the seeds
and lets them lie in sun-soaked
earth to swell and bud.
Sweat rolls down his arms
as he raises the axe high
and swings the shining metal head
down – force, thud – through
the ash log and splits cleanly in two
then quarters
then eighths.
Warm water running in the sink,
she stands to wash the dirt away.
He pins her between cool counter
and his own warm chest and cups
her hands in his, pouring the water
over them and washing clean,
soap suds fragrant and white,
water warm and soothing.
I love gardening. I have a little corner of the yard where nobody ever goes but me, and in this corner, I have a twenty five foot tall apple tree that grew wild and I found and adopted. The apples she gives are large, and very juicy, although when pressed their juice is somewhat weak. The best cider is from the neighbor’s apple tree, which has smaller and somewhat drier apples, mixed with the cider from my tree. Then there is a good deal of sweet, slightly tart cider. It’s amazing. 
Also with my apple tree, I have lilies of the valley, irises, Jack in the Pulpit, a lovely tangle of wild roses, dandelions, and a few other wild plants. I tried to plant violets there but this particular kind of violet, anyway, seems to thrive best in really poor soil. Because this corner of the yard was never really touched until I got around to it, years and years of leaf mold and rotten apples, along with earth worms and other creatures, have worked their magic and the soil is very rich and moist and dark. So the violets don’t grow some well. 
Anyway, I came up with the above poem last week (or maybe it was the week before) on the way home from the dentist. There’s some really cool rock formations on the way to Rangeley, and while driving along them on the S-curves, I had an image just pop into my head. Then when I got home I went and threw some glitter around and came up with the poem. Titling it was awkward and I’m still not sure what I think of it, but, I can’t come up with anything better at the moment. Probably in six months I’ll just randomly yell out sometimes in the middle of dinner and that will be the title. 
Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

Love Lines, Part Three

Hello, tis I, a friendly and sociable Annie!

Hello, tis I, an armed and dangerous Annie!

Hello, tis I, a filthy and ravenously hungry Annie!

This is how I greeted my parents for two solid months, everyday, when they got home from work.

Well, today I’ve had breakfast, I’ve gotten cleaned up from doing chores, I’m not feeling particularly wistful or melancholy, and I am currently not wearing a dagger or other weaponry, so I think I’m a friendly and sociable Annie. And that was all completely pointless information that none of you really needed to know, which is pretty much how three quarters of my everyday conversation goes, so…

Quote is from A Promise Rose.

I knew I was falling in love with you when…

Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell  

A Promise Rose (WIP) and Love Lines

I don’t like talking about my work in person. My family knows this. I stutter and stammer and get red-faced (more than my usual rosy hue, that is) and completely forget about the thousand words I just finished writing thirty-five seconds ago. That being said, I have talked with TWO people in my household (okay so the second one isn’t technically in my household but he was at the house chopping veggies for soup so that’s close enough) about my stories in the past week. TWO people. I feel like I ought to get a medal or something because I actually talked for a good long time without wanting to go hide under a mountain.

Anyway, I’m in a couple forum groups online, and I have been sharing snippets of this story with them for several months now, since I started writing the first draft. They loved it, which was a bit mind-boggling. That’s mostly why I’ve stuck with it as long as I have, because they’re so excited for me to finish the foolish thing so they can read it. Yay for cheerleaders and supporters! Also because I don’t really have a choice because the story gets upset if I leave it alone too long and that’s never very fun.

So here’s the working cover for A Promise Rose, the story of Ethan and Sophie.

Here are a couple more quotes from the story:
This story has been interesting to write because stuff keeps happening and takes me all unawares. The above line is a prime example. I had many tears to shed over that scene. It hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt.
I got Picasa Photo Editor last week… I’ve been having entirely too much fun…

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was little we used to have very grand and elaborate Valentine’s Day Tea Parties. My favourite was the year that we had it under Aunt Cindy’s kitchen table. The boys put sheets over the table, which was round, so that there was a tent underneath. We had candles, and deviled eggs, and cookies, and tea with cream and sugar and tablespoon sized tea cups, and little sugar mints… One of the big boys laid down on the kitchen floor, stuck his head through the ‘doorway’ because he wouldn’t fit inside with us little ones, and let us feed him tiny cups of tea and cookies.

My edit of someone else’s photo.
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Love Lines, Part Two

Okay, so this set is goofy and cheesy. What can I say? It’s late at night (quarter to nine) and I feel goofy and cheesy. Besides, I kind of want ice cream, which is in short supply at my house right now since we’re in the middle of winter and just had a foot of snow fall from the sky the other day. Ice cream isn’t that high on the priority list at the moment. Which is sad. Because I kind of want ice cream. 
Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

Love Lines, Part One

First of all, Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and for the next month anything I handwrite a date on is likely to look funny because I may have to change it from a 5 to a 6. Please don’t be offended.

Secondly, a collection of love lines that randomly occur in the middle of a batch of cookies. Actually, the first one occurred to me while I was elbow deep in lemon-scented soap suds. I made my brother get out my laptop and type it out because it was a glorious sink of water at just the right temperature and I didn’t want to waste it or the line.

Most of these are inspired by Ethan and Sophie from one of my works-in-progress, A Promise Rose. Honestly, Ethan and Sophie are so much fun to write. I have lots of happy giggles from writing them. And the younger siblings are so cute!
When I sit down to work on Tattoos and Tiaras a bit more, I might have to find a baby to babysit or just play with. Toddlers, I’m all good. Kids, oh yes, I’ve got them covered. Teenage boys I feel like I understand pretty well, from living with hordes of them for much of my life. Teenage girls I have less understanding of, despite the fact that I was one. I’m weird and don’t count. But it helps that I did some summer camp work this past summer, with a cabin of teenage girls. I learned a lot and have been able to apply it. But babies? My minion was a baby ten years ago. That was a long time ago and I haven’t had charge of many since, and certainly not enough to get a better idea of development and learning and growth, which is something I need a better grasp of for that story. 
Ah yes, the problems of Annie. This is almost as much of an Annie Problem as accidently making soft caramel candies. Sometime you should try explaining why that is a problem and see if anyone believes you more readily than they believed me. And no, I don’t have a recipe. Sorry.

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