No Dragons, Please! {updated Kindle edition}

No Dragons, Please! wasn’t originally intended to be published as a Kindle e-book, due to the illustrations and the formatting difficulties they present. I found Amazon has a program for building children’s books for Kindle, so I used that. Basically what it does is lock everything on a page as if it’s an actual book page, which messes up with changing the font size, zooming in and out, and other issues. All my checks on my devices showed that it came out okay – not stellar, but it was readable for me, so I called it good.

When I found out today that it wasn’t working out for some readers, due to the formatting and how it was locked in, I went back and updated it. It now reads like a normal Kindle book, where you can change the font size as needed. The images aren’t 100% centered and I haven’t been able to find out why, but they are still in there and not looking too bad, if I do say so myself.

There aren’t any changes to the content of the book other than the formatting and one illustration that I moved to flow better in the story, so if you were able to read it just fine on your device before, you don’t need to update it. If you had issues, you may want to update the book, and here’s a link to How-To Geek that explains how to do that: How-To Geek: How to Get the Latest Version of Your Kindle Books (Including Ours)

I’m so sorry if this caused any inconvenience to my readers! As an apology/thank you, I’m going to be putting No Dragons, Please! for free on Kindle on January 7th and 8th. Here’s the Amazon link: No Dragons, Please!

As a side note, the internet at my house is out right now, so I have limited access to social media. I’m running a mobile hotspot on my phone to post this blog update. If you feel inclined to share this post, could you do that? Thanks ever so much.


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