Consumed {poem}

I wasn’t going to share this one at all, but it scared me so much that I sent it to one of my writing groups, and Miss Rebekah {Rebekah DeVall} said “oooooooooooooooooh I like that”, or something like that, so… here it is.

Annie Louise Twitchell

Don’t let me fall,

Grab my hand and draw me back.
I’m too small.

Don’t let me fade,

Bring your crayons and color the lines of me.
I’m so afraid.

My heart pounds,

seeking escape from hollowed-out ribs.
My heart likes to believe it is a butterfly,
but butterflies are not only lovely things.
Butterflies consume flesh and flowers alike
the same way my heart consumes me, flesh and flower alike.

Don’t let me slip,

Steady my wobbling mind and keep me from insanity.
I am a sinking ship.

Don’t let me fall,


Copyright 2017 by Annie Louise Twitchell

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