Annie Louise Twitchell
There’s something I have to say
I have to say
I have to say
I don’t remember what it is
The thoughts slipped through my mind –
Curse this sieve that is my brain! –
And I can’t remember –
can’t remember.
I can’t remember.
I have to find the words.
Back track,
walk through the house,
back to the kitchen where I was when
I realized that I had something to say.
I was grinding pepper into the pot of chicken soup.
Grind some more –
too much pepper,
still no memory
There is something I have to say!
But I can’t remember the words.
Words are so much a part of me
that I take them for granted
the same way I take myself for granted.
I forget them the same way I forget myself.
The words are gone and
all that’s left is a racing, raging sense of urgency.
Something I have to say –
I have to say
I don’t know what it was that I had to say,
and I can’t think of anything else;
just those words that I can almost taste
but can’t remember.
There was something I wanted to say.
Something I needed to say.
And all I can remember is,
I love you.

Copyright 2017 by Annie Louise Twitchell
Video by Kathy Twitchell

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