PUBLISHED: Spinner of Secrets

You can now get Spinner of Secrets in paperback and on Kindle, at Amazon: Spinner of Secrets
 (insert loud squealing and funny noises)

Check out the history of this little book on the Spinner of Secrets tab at the top of my blog. There you’ll find all the blog posts I made about it during this two years journey. 
Spinner of Secrets is two years old now, since the beginning, which was a writing prompt. 

Local friends (Maine), I have two book signing events set up for June! More information on my Facebook page: Facebook: Annie Louise Twitchell
I’d love to meet you and hang out. I’ll probably talk entirely too much because I just do things like that when I get excited. Also… signing books is a lot of fun. 

(This is still my favorite picture of this book.)
And one more thing before I go running around in the rain like a crazy person: 
Can we just give my baby brother a big shout-out for what is probably my favorite picture of myself? I knew as soon as I saw it that it was going to be my photo for the back of my book. He took this last summer and it is just my favorite.
Copyright 2017 by Annie Louise Twitchell
Author photo by E.L. Twitchell

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