Project Canvas



This is going to be so much fun and it looks like we’re going to have a great team of writers giving tips and hints and articles. I hope to learn a lot from this book and I hope I can help out some people.

What am I writing about? At the moment, the only article I’m signed up to write is about writing adult characters when you’re a teen. I’m nineteen, so halfway between, but (insert me cringing a lot because I’m kind of bragging about myself) I can write pretty good adult characters in my books. It didn’t come easily – I wasn’t happy with them, so I fought and fought with them for a long time before getting my head to behave so I could write them.

Project Canvas Book

Other topics I’m vaguely interested in, include writing through anxiety and depression; what to do when your head won’t shut up; the value of company even when you’re an introvert. These are just kind of vague ideas and I don’t know if I’ll do anything with them. There’s a lot of other people collaborating on this, so I think most of those are covered already.

Anywho! This is the newest thing I’m up to.

Drop a comment if you have suggestions for an article I should research writing, or something you think we should include.

~Annie Lou

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