Miss Floof

So after spending Saturday morning and part of the afternoon at a library book sale, I was planning to play with my rabbit, Bethie Butterscotch. However, my mom wanted some help at her library, so we decided to load the rabbit up in a laundry basket (because she’s kind of too big for the cat crate we had handy) and take her with us. Turns out, the space underneath the bookshelves is just the right size, and she spent the hour+ that we were up there, running around underneath the bookshelves, and NOT chewing on books.
When we came home, she was a bit agitated from the car ride, so I left her in the laundry basket in the living room while I went to do horse chores, intending to come back inside and snuggle her and help her calm down when I was done. I told Elli, jokingly, to keep an eye on the rabbit.
Elli took me seriously. She babysat the rabbit. By the time I was back inside, she was napping, and Bethie was all calmed down and comfortable, despite the cat sleeping on her. They stayed in the basket together like that for about an half and a half total. 
Once upon a time, Bethie B was little… 
It’s autumn so here, have another picture. 
Copyright 2016 by Annie Louise Twitchell

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