Spinner of Secrets Update Six

This past month has been so busy for Spinner of Secrets! First off, here’s the newest and my favorite cover image: 
Thanks to my amazing friend Hannah for giving me some photography pointers and tips for design! I don’t know if this is the cover that will be on the book or not, because of complicated stuff with CreateSpace and graphic design and so on and so forth, and yeah, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to be much more vague than that. 
Would you like me to come back and explain when I can be a little more ambiguous? 

Also, *drum roll* on Thursday last week, I finally asked in the Facebook group of writers that I’m in for some beta readers! I ended up with five fantastic readers and have gotten a complete set of notes and editorial comments back from one of them already!

I’m super excited! I’m really busy with editing and behind the scenes stuff, and I’m super excited with how well this is progressing. Also, peach salsa, is really amazing. We made four pints on Saturday and one of them is basically gone already so we’re making more this afternoon. 
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