A Promise Rose (WIP) and Love Lines

I don’t like talking about my work in person. My family knows this. I stutter and stammer and get red-faced (more than my usual rosy hue, that is) and completely forget about the thousand words I just finished writing thirty-five seconds ago. That being said, I have talked with TWO people in my household (okay so the second one isn’t technically in my household but he was at the house chopping veggies for soup so that’s close enough) about my stories in the past week. TWO people. I feel like I ought to get a medal or something because I actually talked for a good long time without wanting to go hide under a mountain.

Anyway, I’m in a couple forum groups online, and I have been sharing snippets of this story with them for several months now, since I started writing the first draft. They loved it, which was a bit mind-boggling. That’s mostly why I’ve stuck with it as long as I have, because they’re so excited for me to finish the foolish thing so they can read it. Yay for cheerleaders and supporters! Also because I don’t really have a choice because the story gets upset if I leave it alone too long and that’s never very fun.

So here’s the working cover for A Promise Rose, the story of Ethan and Sophie.

Here are a couple more quotes from the story:
This story has been interesting to write because stuff keeps happening and takes me all unawares. The above line is a prime example. I had many tears to shed over that scene. It hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt.
I got Picasa Photo Editor last week… I’ve been having entirely too much fun…

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